Summerdance, Nelson Ledges

by Good Sign on September 14, 2015


By Kevin Alan Lamb

Music is my moral muse. It has been a rare constant in an inconsistent world. Life is hard; laced with struggle, dissonance, and doubt; but it is also precious, fleeting, and necessitates the prophetic paradigm provided by the love, dedication, and permission to believe everything is going to be alright. We must seek those who will provide a faint flicker of light when darkness lingers and illumination eludes. Darkness will endure if you let it chase you: light will awake your soul if you listen to its call. #thisisagoodsign

Mas Bubbles Moon Hoch 3 Wide Moon Hoch Mitten ink Chicago C S Water Leap ledge Chris air Chris Ledges Sara Ledges Squak KP Cloud puff Shimmer Chris and Sara Nelson Ledges Barefoot Boarding Quarry Camp Sticky Carl Phun photo Back Stage 2 Guitar BW Drummer Backstage Back Stage Lasers BW AJ fire Singing in the rain Pittsburgh Fam Lake Guy and Moon Hooch Fire pit Sheriff Moon Hooch crowd Sun burst woods The Beach Pong Investor Colombus Bubbles Lake Jelly Fish Mary and Josh James 1 Whale James and I MH Crowd Bubbles Group Shot Moon Hooch Mr Bubbles Chicken Hawk Ripples Group Chill Clouds Flying V Storyteller Couples Yoga Ledges Quarry Shaman I am Batman Secret Window Forest Sun Josh Chest Bump Lady Puddle Moon Hooch 2 Moon Hooch 1 MH Bubbles Beach Sunrise


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