by Good Sign on February 8, 2012

By Dan Hilbert

This is spoken word, let me clear my throat so you can hear it

The message is one of positivity and hope, some welcome, some people fear it

It’s a pretty simple concept, This is A Good Sign

Providing an inspirational icon, a platform to expand the mind

Reaching out to the World, global expansion, anything is possible in due time

Positive perception, constant progression, this movie called life doesn’t rewind

Good Signs are a reminder of optimism, one of hope

This attitude is contagious, showing a way to cope

If you smile when you see the sign, then we did our job

Taking over the streets, more powerful than the mob

Forever paired with inspiration, like Marley is with Bob

Cool with white or black, short or tall, like Big is with Rob

Many ways to carry the message, some choose to use stickers

Others walk around with our sign, gather a group and take pictures

Still coming up with other ways to deliver the message quicker

Heavily intoxicated off of positivity, no need to add liquor

Another way to enlighten is through spoken word

We walk around town giving thumbs up, not flipping the bird

Incredible message, entirely based off of what Ive heard

All are welcome, whether you consider youself a geek, chic, cool or a nerd

This way will be tested, always got something to prove its time to prove it

We shall be relentless, always on the move its time to move it

There are always consequences, a right way to choose its time to choose it

We shall protect it, maintain like its something to lose we’ll never lose it

Not to be cliche, were a bunch of lovers not fighters

The people you see at a concert, holding up the lighters

Appreciate the interest, I sure hope we did inspire

Live this way of life like its my job, never looking to retire

This Is A Good Sign

Accepting the Blessing, Recovery Flow

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