Team Good Sign Kauai, aka “Aquaholics”

by Good Sign on January 19, 2015

Waterfall 3

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We human beings are breathing time machines, with a magnificent emotional spectrum, capable of displacing space and time. While worlds often separate us, divided by miles, territory lines, plane tickets and gas tanks we cannot afford, our connection to one another and the those we love, and share a common heartbeat with, enable us to close our eyes and defy the laws of physics as we are transformed to all places and all times within the hearts of our kin who we share this pursuit and participation of happiness with.

This morning I woke to experience the joyous adventures of my Aquaholic friends in Kauai, HI. 2,454 miles from where I lie in Ben Lomond, CA. Without moving from the couch I sleep, my heavy and hopeful heart beam through their bright eyes and shining smiles! Those touched by the light are often inclined to illuminate another’s darkness, so they too, can navigate the path of righteousness.

You are not alone and it’s time you start believing it. We are all part of one another’s adventure and story, along for the ride the moment we choose to identify ourselves in the happiness and joyous experiences of our fellow brothers and sisters. The Aquaholics are sharing every sunrise and sunset, every horseback ride along the coast, every lush waterfall they ascend, dive into, and bath in. They are beacons of light that shine to remind us all that there resides beauty inside our souls that great natural wonders of this Earth help us feel, see, and believe in enough to share with others!

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