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by Good Sign on March 14, 2015

Brian Smith Phish

By Brian Smith

The first time I saw a Good Sign I thought, “I like that.” I didn’t know why, I didn’t particularly care why, I just knew.

As time passed I learned of a few phrases that tend to follow a good sign around. I saw Kevin holding his sign at Movement and I walked over towards him with a smile on my face. He was holding up a Good Sign and was in a wonderfully infectious mood. He handed me a Good Sign and said, “just in case you were looking for one.” I didn’t know it at the time but I definitely was.

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I decided I needed to find a good place to put it, and settled on my hat. As I wore the Good Sign on my hat people started approaching me with smiles and questions. I was asked “what does it mean?” and the best answer I could think of was always, “what does it mean to you?” That answer came naturally, and it expressed what I think is the essence of a Good Sign.

A Good Sign is everything it says it is, and doesn’t pretend to be anything else. There’s no catch. A Good Sign is whatever it means to you in that moment.

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There is one more phrase that seems to follow Good Signs around, and that is, “of course there’s a Good Sign here!” A Good Sign isn’t just a sign, it’s everything that is happening where that sign is. Good Signs have a habit of showing up in good places. Now, whenever I see a Good Sign I think, “of course,” take a deep breath, soak in the moment, and I feel home.

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