by Good Sign on April 25, 2014

“I attended Electric Forest year and was given a Good Sign sticker by a total stranger and it really made me happy beyond explanation, and that sticker still brightens my day everyday. It wasn’t the first time I experienced that sort of thing from a Good Sign either; I saw one at a Koan Sound show earlier in the year and it made my whole night. I can’t quite put my finger on what it is about the signs that is so powerful. It’s just that I feel so close to the universe that when it brings along another soul with a Good Sign I can’t help but become overwhelmingly happy.

I see you guys are based out of Lansing, which is awesome because I live just north of there in Cadillac. I was wondering if there is
anyway I could become involved with your mission beyond just purchasing a sign of my own? You guys are an amazing force in the world and I would love to be apart of it.”

Much love, Aaron.

“I first saw a Good Sign at the Electric Forest Festival in 2012. My initial reaction was one of delight.  It made perfect sense to me, and I “got it” immediately. I became involved by ordering some Good Sign stuff, communicating with Eric, spreading the word, and then meeting more of the Good Sign crew, Kevin and G in particular, and as you know, the rest is history! The Good Sign is a tool for spreading joy and bringing people together. The Good Sign has allowed me to meet and become friends with so many wonderful people.  It has helped me to more deeply understand that our purpose in this life is to love others. At every music festival and concert, people come up to me and tell me how much the sign means to them. The Good Sign will help open the doors of the universe for you. The Good Sign family means more to me than I can express.  As my own nuclear family diminishes, my Good Sign family has filled the void and more. The world needs more Good Signs!”

Stormin’ Norm Kittleson

Norm Forest Good Sign

“It’s funny to hear it that way, but i’ve heard people say this is a good sign since i can remember. The first time i experienced a good sign was in 2010,..i was living in St. Augustine. I remember having this feeling more than a reaction. More like a magnetic feeling. You know something that not just catch your eyes, but catches the all of you. During the birth of the THIS IS A GOOD SIGN movement, CEO & Founder – Eric Dennis and were good friends. Naturally soon after the trademarking of the sign we traveled on a small Florida Tour and spread the Good Sign word along with merch. I believe we as people are responsible for our past as well as our future. With that said, the Good Sign that has been creating a buzz and spreading smiles coast to coast. This sign has a greater Good. It shines a spotlight on what we share in common as people, like as some common direction. I have truly been influenced by the Good Sign. I have been in places and just by having a Good Sign, changed the outcome of experiences. And not in a bad or good way,..more in a way that would not have happened if the sign was not present. During a time in KEY WEST, FL. I had the opportunity to share some Good Signs. That experience was something that landed me on the front page of the Key West Citizen newspaper. I would like to thank the street team and all the local business owners that support the Good Sign movement during my visit in the Key’s. Carrying a Good Sign can completely changing the moment of thoughts, feelings, and actions at that current moment. My family is quite big. Some worldwide bloodline. Knowing that one love ties us together is how i see my GoodSign Family. Visuals are a big part of how we get around here on this planet. Even through traffic. And almost in every country people have been waiting for a sign. The Good Sign supports what people represent.”

John C

John C Key West News Good Sign

“I was in Los Angeles, and came across ‘This is a good sign’ online through Jesse who was working with Good Sign at the time. I loved the message Good Signs were spreading, bringing positivity in their own light. I got involved by doing a project for the team when I went cross country. While hiking and climbing major state parks in US, I took the Good Sign with me and took pictures at the top of each park. It is a Good Sign to me because whenever there is a someone or people who embark on a quest of spreading positive vibes into the world, that is a Good Sign, always. When I see the Good Sign I think of how all things are possible, it is a message of hope, love and positivity. The best experiences are when I was going cross country and had people ask me about it or just seeing me taking pictures with it, because what I was doing, was a ‘Good Sign’ by climbing US state parks, traveling and living my dreams. I would recommend a friend to have a Good Sign because there are those occasions when the incredible happens and the awesome moment is captured by a ‘Good Sign’. For silly humor or just candid memories, it becomes more than just an item but a treasure in those moments. The Good Sign family is a group of very caring individuals who embark on a mission to bring betterment to this world through their messages of going out into the world and bringing people together through the ‘Good Sign’. And sometimes all it takes is just a few caring souls on a mission to spread the ‘good sign’ for all. To me, food, shelter and the love among us is necessary. And all else is secondary, but all ‘good signs’ are what keeps us in a positive state of mind and helps remind us that life can be pretty amazing. Something we just need reminds, like a ‘good sign’.

Joanna Kacprzycka

Joanna K Good Sign

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