The King of Many Things

by Good Sign on March 6, 2012

“Oh, I could have been the king of many things, but now I’m not, because of you. Yeah, I could have been somebody, but I was just a body to you, And them things you do, oh, the rhythm of your shoes, I love the way you move..” O.A.R. (Of A Revolution) – ‘The Rhythm of Your Shoes

The King of Many Things

By Good Sign Man

But it wasn’t meant to be

Like a ballad false start – I released you from me

And in your place a kingdom of realized dreams will be raised

Like infinite pieces of the perfect and perpetual-puzzle you are replaced

It is absurd that even great men trade away their visions like they are commodities that can be bought and sold like brick, mortar and gold

Vision is without a price

It spreads exponentially in my veins like a horse running wild and free, unknowing of the burden of reins, dictating what it can and cannot be

Moments at a time, mountains are moved by men that shiver, because of the strength delivered, as self-manifested chills quiver, as a tear releases from their eye simultaneously as they transcend all fears in ascension towards the sky, where the most noble of souls have gone to rest once they die

Purpose cannot be taught or learned, it is yearned for as the clock of a man turns and finitude signifies a blessing in disguise

Our hearts beat like the hand of a clock, but dissimilar to time, our hearts will expire, thus we must discover the fire that enables us to burn

The human-spirit commands awe and inspiration, I continue to be baffled by those who fear it, its energy infuses life in all those who are near it

Like darkness to light, there is a better way for which all men need to fight

Apathy will drown the world like a tsunami in the night

The end grows closer every second we lose sight of one-another and the love we must employ if we intend to create and not destroy

Your heart beats just like mine

Passion-filled-purpose will flood your neurotransmitters, igniting the phenomena of chills in your spine: if you find yourself moved, this is a good sign.

Photo Credit Eric Hampton aka "The Storyteller"


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