The Miami Valley Music Fest

by Sam Hofer on March 16, 2015


By Sam Hofer

In 2006, what started out as nothing more than 100 people in a park listening to local bands showcase their music has turned into a huge (and growing) tradition in which now thousands of people gather to listen to music, eat food and have a peaceful atmosphere, all the while donating money to local charities and non-profits in Ohio.

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The Miami Valley Music Fest official became a non-profit in 2008 when co-founders, Nick Christian and Brad Denson, wanted the festival to be able to be paid for by local businesses which in turn would increase the total amount of money donated to local charities from all the profitable areas of the festival. From the first year in 2008, they donated over $1400 to local cancer outreach facilities and that number has steadily increased ever since.

The line up in the past has been a mixture of local and alternative bands which have brought in quite a crowd from all over Ohio. The 2015 line up includes some bands such as The Spikedrivers, Cricketbows and Arrows of Neon. Pre-sale tickets are available from now until July 31 and cost $45, almost all of which will be donated to the local charity/cause of his year which is to be announced.

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Another goal of the Miami Valley Music Fest is to promote eco-conscience ways of thinking and acting on the planet we were given to live on. Everyone who attends the festival is encouraged to recycle and compost as much as possible to not only keep the campground clean, but also to set the tone for the attendees to act in heir everyday lives.

This growing music festival is setting the example for established music festivals to follow. One of goodwill and charitable giving. The Miami Valley Music Fest exemplifies the goodwill and charitable spirit necessary to foreshadow a Good Sign upon the horizon.

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