The story behind the sign

by Good Sign on April 3, 2011

In early 2010 a Good Sign came into the world as a product of many years of contemplation focussed on a solution to improve the quality of life in society and ultimately a search for truth in my own life. The motivation behind the creation of this concept was to bring the community closer together. In the process a device that makes people happier and more open to eachother was born. We found out from the very beginning when we took the sign to the people on the street that they were hungering for a way to feel more positive about their current situation and the signs had the instant effect of making them feel better about it by taking them to a place where they remembered something good in there life. It was like they were being transported to a better place by the power of their own mind. Signs that can inspire people to recreate their perspective and refocus on whats good about life by using a little humor and wit.  Wow!  It has since become many things to many people due to its objectivity. It has inspired many other movements with core values and intentions similar to ours,  strengthening community, showing others we care about them and telling people everywhere that things are never as bad as they seem. We are proud to be a part of something that inspires people to think more positively and to feel less fearful of our current situation and more empowered to do something about it.
We want to send a message to people through the experience and reaction they have when they see a Good Sign. We are trying to remind people that our personal choice of focus and perspective is our real power. You determine your own concept of what is good from inside, and thats how it should be. If you are going to be genuinely happy then you have to live your own vision of that happiness. Dont let anyone else tell you what makes you happy. If we look at all the things going on in the world and start blaming others for our situation then we give our power over to them. You cannot operate efficiently towards a solution from a victims perspective because you are wasting all your resources trying to get something beyond your control to change. Reclaim your power as the creator of your own experience and love the challenges we face, dont resent and resist them. This will help to clear away the negative emotions that cloud your vision so we can begin to see clearly and act toward some real solutions. If you adopt this empowering attitude your world will soon begin to seem like a much friendlier and more comfortable place to live and thats a Good Sign.

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