Uniquely Detroit: This is a Good Sign

by Good Sign on June 18, 2015

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An inspirational icon meant to represent positivity and strength in communities has not only reached Detroit, but has also spread worldwide.

Good Signs were founded in Florida in 2010, but it was in 2012 when Kevin Lamb joined the movement that the little yellow signs began popping up in the motor city.

“I travel all the time, and when people see the good sign, they’re very curious to learn where I’m from and I tell them Detroit. There’s a funny look over their face because they are being prescribed something that’s not real. Detroit’s a special place to have this come out to the world. It says something. It makes people rethink some of the things they are told about a very wonderful place,” Lamb said.

I recently met up with him outside Comerica Park to see how he spreads the message.

“We wanted to be able to stand in a corner and announce to the world that we are open-minded, positive people. We wanted to give people permission to talk to us. It’s a permission slip to engage in the community,” Lamb said. “It’s a happiness device. We’re inspiring the world to be a happier place one good sign at a time.”

Lamb, who also goes by “6’7 Kevin,” said anyone can spread the message.

“Once you discover the joy in community and helping others’ happiness, it just keeps coming and it fuels you. I often refer to myself as an ‘Energy recycling center,'” he said.

Kev and Meg Detroit Respect

People in six continents carry, wear or share Good Signs. But Lamb said Detroit is special.

“It’s so beautiful and serendipitous that Good Sign is coming from Detroit. The town built on motors and music and passion. One of the passion epicenters of the world for creativity. Before long, Detroit’s going to become an oasis for people who want to cliff dive into creation, community, and positive energy,” Lamb said.

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