Vision Amidst Pouring Rain

by Good Sign on July 17, 2013

When my body can no longer endure I must persist

When my brow beads heavy from perspiration I want to rest, but chose to resist

My legs grow heavy but greener pastures lie ahead

My lungs gasp for air; there will be plenty of time to breathe once I’m dead

The heart of a champion is fueled by tolerable pain

The vision of a dreamer will not be clouded even amidst pouring rain

If I can see it I can touch it

And if I can touch it I may just be able to have it

The road grows longer only when you believe less

The terrain steeper only when you convince yourself you need a rest

Conquer yourself and you’ll be sure to conquer the world

Be consumed by your fears and wonder what if for years

A man is not made by his moments in the sun

Rather those when he persists, despite all physical signs that he’s done

An engine is fueled by gasoline and oil

A mind is a beautiful thing, but without maintenance even great things spoil

Evolution exists in the moments between

That which is neither felt, heard nor seen

Life happens in the minutia that we never can seem to recall

It is in the moments you decide to better, we rise rather than fall

A good day doesn’t warrant that we recede

Try and decipher what the world prescribes to you, from what it is you need

To live and love is noble

But without hard work nobility is without mobility

If you bleed be sure it is not without reason

To succeed, selling your soul is never worth the treason

Rejoice only when you have nothing left to give

Rise each morning certain why it is you’re thankful to live.



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