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By Kevin Alan Lamb

It is our ethics that birth in us integrity. It is integrity that demands you speak up when you experience or witness behaviors that try and compromise your ethics! You were given a voice to defend that worth defending. You were given a voice to speak up for those who may lack the freedom or courage to stand up for themselves!

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We are the most beautiful species and I wish we could see it. We are a beautiful species and I wish we could believe it. We are a beautiful species and I wish we would start acting like it. If only we used our energy to help and not hurt: If only we used our gifts to create and not destroy: If only we used our ethics to defend others and not only ourselves.

Something is deeply fractured in a society where the masses are unhappy and struggling just to get by! The system is flawed and I am an individual changing the tide in the only way I know how – by swimming against it and encouraging others to follow in my wake and swim until we can no longer. There is no certainty that we won’t drown; but what in your life is certain? I know the strength of numbers: I know the strength of a man or woman fighting for what he or she believes in! I know the strength of belief in something bigger than yourself.

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Each step I take is with these electrifying currents surging through my blood, but I too take on water along the way and struggle for breath. This is everybody’s mission, even if you haven’t accepted it yet.

We are all in danger and subject to tremendous injustice if we allow a single one of us to be. We will all drown if we are not willing to dive in to the river and save a brother or sister who has lost their battle with the current. But don’t be mistaken and think you must wait until someone is drowning to help them.

Every minute of every day is filled with people and opportunities to help. I learn more in a five minute conversation with a stranger than many do in the span of their entire relationship. People want to open up we just need to learn how to better listen.

Your life will be given new meaning, or better yet a new intensity, a sensation of emotions that flood every ounce of your soul with the purest satisfaction there is. I am not selfless. I feed off each and everyone I lend my energy to, and I am the Quicken Loans of energy lenders!

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My choice to pursue this path of positivity and peace is like traversing deeper and deeper into a rabbit hole in which every aspect of my life is affected at an exponential rate. I am spiritually connecting myself with the endless systems I am a part of: with my words and actions I am stimulating neurotransmitters within the individual that move them to have both an emotional and physical response.

Everyday I am plugging into a greater number of people and possibilities by openly volunteering my vulnerability long enough to let people in. I welcome the scrutiny, judgement, and miss-assumptions made about who I am; I can take it; I was born for it! A leader charges ahead of his troops to help absolve them of their fear; a leader takes the first punch to assure his troops they can endure the same! A leader fears not falling, because those he leads will always lift him up.

I continue to lead in my unconventional but effective manner. I continue to welcome and provide opportunities for strangers to talk to me and join the positive conversation we have brought to light with the world. We are not the first or last effort to start a positive conversation among the masses, but we are better at it, and we do have more help.

Won’t you help us?

Are you seeking a way to change the world?

We couldn’t do it without you, and we wouldn’t want to!

Share this with a friend and ask him or her to do the same.

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