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by Good Sign on April 30, 2015

Kauai Waterfall

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We are a reminder of the abundance of goodness that constantly flows through the veins of the masses.

We are an opportunity to connect with those who choose to believe that the spirit of mankind will prevail despite the calculated efforts of those who would rather watch the world burn.

We are a symbol given great strength by the people who believe in it; by the people who carry it; and by the people who have given us the courage to carry on when it’s needed just a little bit more.

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We are faith in a stranger to reciprocate goodness offered; a helping hand paid forward; and a smile greeted by another.

We are an active opposition of ill-will and the degradation of another being’s rightful pursuit of love and happiness.

We are proof that hope is healthy and necessary to heal.

We are your son or your daughter who isn’t bullied in school because of our scrutiny of the unethical.

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We are strangers woven into family by a thread of decency and care.

We are blinders removed from the eyes of the ignorant.

We are songs of joy screamed from the tops of lungs.

We are beads of sweat descending from ecstatic, dancing faces to fancily-moving-feet.

We are humans that believe in the difference a single individual can inspire.

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We are words that move you enough to share them with loved ones.

We are images that resonate deep enough within your soul to tap into when life is hard.

We are the ordinary drawn to the extraordinary glimmer of the stars above.

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