What are Good Signs all about? This pic pretty much says it!

by Good Sign on May 22, 2011

Id like to introduce you to one of the most innovative and unique consumer/social products and advertising brands ever developed. The possibilities are truly endless and it can go anywhere.

We are utilizing the power of our logo to make positivity contagious and to bring people closer together.


Heres a brief breakdown of just a little of what weve accomplished in the past year:

Good Sign productions was founded in Feb 2010. We are currently focusing on merchandising and wholesale distribution of inspirational visual consumer products. Our brand has also been successfully trademarked. We feel that in addition to our current business, that there are unlimited possibilities for this brand in marketing , advertising, endorsements, entertainment and PR to name only a few.

>>>>We are currently seeking to grow our business team. We welcome you to join Team Good Sign and help us make people happier through the use of a visual device and viral brand. We have a goal of inspiring people to encourage one another and are combating depersonalization in society by spreading physical Good Signs all over the world utilizing peoples willingness to spread this message and carry our signs/brand as the core of our marketing strategy.

http://ThisIsaGoodSign.com has 3,020 unique visits came from 59 countries/territories with a 49% bounce rate and average of 3 pageviews and over 2000 loyal and active followers on our facebook fanpage which is only less than a year old.

We have received worldwide press on CNN, huffington post, NPR, Featured in the UK observer on the inside of the front page in a full page article.

Presented Jimmy Fallon with a big Good Sign personally on stage at his late show rehearsal.

Had a Good Sign displayed on a giant billboard in the middle of Times Square.

We have given out over 20000 free stickersand signs and they are proudly displayed all over the globe.

We are mobilizing a worldwide sales force to display and spread our brand/message of well being at music festivals, benefits and fundraisers.

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