What is the Good Sign Movement?

by Good Sign on March 18, 2015

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By Kevin Alan Lamb

I was contacted by Jacob Minney who is working on a paper to answer the question, “Do Americans believe peace is possible?” He asked if I could answer the following questions:

What is the Good Sign Movement?

The Good Sign Movement is a social and emotional evolution driven by love and the belief that we can all be better if we believe in one another and positively influence our environment by contributing the gifts which we have been both given and committed our energy to harness.

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It is an opportunity to be an optimist and find a Silver Lining even when life weighs the heaviest. It is a family around the world that has given great strength and meaning to a symbol with the love and passion poured into ensuring it is shared to those who both need and seek it. It is hope in a better day, in a better way, in a better tomorrow. It is a stranger who reveals his or her vulnerability and subjects him or herself to scrutiny because the difference carrying or wearing a Good Sign is certain to make in at least one other person’s life. It is the emergence of a protagonist, exponentially repairing and unifying a disconnected world community for the betterment of all species.

How many members are in the movement?

Our Facebook page has close to 26,000 followers: I estimate we have somewhere in the ballpark of 1,000 active Good Sign Ambassadors, and another 5,000 passive Good Sign Ambassadors.

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Is there much opposition?

Turn on the TV and watch the news and you will see the undeniable reality of our opposition. If darkness is in one of us, it is in all of us. Darkness lingers and must be proactively combated if it is to be defeated. Our opposition is present wherever ego dominates and greed oppresses. Our opposition doesn’t sleep and feeds off of the desperate and their desperation.

Do you think humanity is taking positive steps toward peaceful conflict resolution?

Yes, but it will not be realized in our lifetime; so we must educate and enlighten the youth to ensure the torch is carried. Many believed the Mayan calendar predicted the end of the world; I believe it predicted a shift in universal consciousness. As a result we continue to witness social and emotional movements like ours coming to the surface as a result of our desire to grow, connect, and realize our great potential.

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