Who, where and when?

by Good Sign on January 27, 2015


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By Kevin Alan Lamb

Don’t be lost in the light. Be a solider with a soul, a lover with a goal, a truth that doesn’t need to be rehearsed.

Be a solution to the illusion that hope is eluding and man eroding.

Practice the art of devoting your gifts to lift and share what you dare to spare while you’re able because we all could benefit from an offering at our dinner table.

We are hungry for food, for love, for freedom from drugs and addiction to some conviction to a spell cast to ensure man fell from the grace we once practiced, knew, and believed in.

Who and where are the believers and what will you do today, tomorrow, and the coming years to dispel fears and teach others to navigate a path cast by shadows yet surrounded in light?

When will be your time to shine and rise to the occasion?

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