You are the key to the Kingdom

by Good Sign on March 21, 2014

By Kevin Alan Lamb

We can lift you up. We can help you out. We can help you smile. We can help you laugh. We can help you love yourself. We can help you love others. But we want you to embrace that you can lift yourself up. You can help yourself out. You can remind yourself to smile. You can make yourself laugh. You can remember how to love yourself. You can lift others from darkness and despair. You can offer others a helping hand when they appear to have none. You can give someone a reason to smile who hasn’t had one in a while. You can inspire laughter in someone who needs it even though they won’t ever let you know. You can help others recognize the love in their lives. You can help others learn to help themselves.

You are the difference. You possess the power of one. You are the leader this world needs. You are the key to the Kingdom we seek. You are our hope. You are our dreams. You are the person we wish to see when we look in the mirror each morning. Close your eyes, open your heart, take a deep breath and live extraordinarily! You can do it, we believe in you. Carry yourself with enthusiasm and pursue your passion with confidence and conviction. Carry yourself so you can prepare to carry others. Carry our hope so it may be passed to those who one day follow in our righteousness and revelry.


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